Tails Veterinary Centre

Desde el Colegio Oficial de veterinarios de Sevilla damos traslado de una comunicación recibida de Tails Veterinary Centre (*) por la que se informa de la siguiente:


Importante clínica veterinaria del Reino de Baréin, busca veterinarios de pequeños animales con un mínimo de 5 años de experiencia y buen dominio del idioma inglés.

Veterinary Doctor Job Description and Skill requirements.

Key skills for veterinary surgeons:

A love of animals
Empathy, patience, and sensitivity
Rational objectivity and Problem Solving
Organizational skills
A thorough, methodical approach
Communication skills with people and animals
Scientific ability
Calmness in pressurized or emotional situations

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree
Work experience as a Veterinarian 5 years minimum to receive the practice
license in the country of work.

Experience conducting various types of surgeries, vaccinations, and health
checks on animals. Diagnosing illnesses in a variety of different animals and

determine the best treatment. (Dogs, Cats, Birds and Exotics)

Dress wounds of injured animals
Perform ophthalmic and orthopaedics surgeries
Improving patients’ dental health by performing check-ups, and cleaning and
extracting teeth.

Spay and neuter cats and dogs as needed
Advise pet owners on nutrition, preventive healthcare, and general care
Maintaining patients’ medical records.
Conducting laboratory tests on specimens to diagnose medical conditions.
Knowledge of medical equipment (e.g. X-ray machines) and anaesthesia

Performing diagnostic imaging and ultrasound tests.
Plan and execute animal nutrition and reproduction programs.
Research diseases to which animals could be susceptible.
Excellent communication skills with the ability to explain medical terms and
conditions using simple language and Dealing with uncooperative animals

and owners

Ability to write and file required reports.
Availability to take evening or weekend shifts in cases of emergency
Undeterred by being scratched, bitten, or exposed to infectious diseases,
and resilient to noise.

Ensuring compliance with veterinary ethics and relevant statutes, policies,
and procedures.

(*) IMPORTANTE: Cualquier Empresa que se anuncie o Colegiado que inserte un contenido que contravenga la legalidad vigente debe saber que deberá asumir la responsabilidad de los perjuicios y consecuencias derivadas de la misma.

Para solicitar este trabajo envía un correo electrónico con tus detalles a josefijuan@gmail.com